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Technological innovation
Technology as the foundation and innovation as the driving force
Core technologies
Efficient and clean lithium extraction technology from lithium ore

The Company successfully invented sodium salt pressure leaching, sulfuric acid acidification roasting and other ore lithium extraction technologies, developed complex system sodium and potassium precise control, liquid-solid combined cycle demagnetization, "nanofiltration membrane impurity removal + chelating resin impurity removal" and other advanced impurity removal technologies, and applications. The Company utilizes fully automated and intelligent energy-saving equipment to achieve efficient and clean lithium extraction. To date, 10 national invention patents were authorized, and 4 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards were awarded.

Technology for comprehensive co-production of high-purity lithium salt from brine

Using concentrated brine as raw material, we developed gradient coupling membrane separation, forced circulation evaporation crystallization, deep complexation to remove impurities and lithium precipitation, etc. to directly prepare battery-grade lithium carbonate and anhydrous lithium chloride, and recycle the crystallization mother liquor to realize brine Comprehensive co-production of high-purity lithium salt. Ganfeng has been granted 6 national invention patents and 2 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.

Recycling technology of waste lithium materials

The Company has invented acid-free priority extraction of lithium and selective step-by-step impurity removal, non-constant pH control, three-element quantitative compensation and ex-situ reconstruction technologies, to achieve short-process and efficient green recycling of waste lithium batteries and lithium materials, and established lithium product production-applications -Recycling demonstration ecological chain. The core technology has been granted 9 national patents, 2 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards, and 1 national key research and development plan project.

Lithium metal smelting and purification technology

The invention of temperature and humidity controllable multi-anode metal lithium electrolysis cell, low-temperature vacuum distillation purification, deep gas purification, air flotation slagging and impurity removal processes to prepare battery-grade metal lithium, which reduces energy consumption by more than 30% compared with traditional high-temperature vacuum distillation purification processes. The core technology has been authorized with 5 national invention patents, and won 2 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.

Deep processing technology of lithium-based anode materials

Developed multiple gas protection, vertical extrusion, multi-stage continuous rolling, finishing and compounding and other lithium belt deep processing technologies and complete sets of equipment, and prepared ultra-wide and ultra-thin metal lithium belts and copper-lithium composite belts with a width of >200mm and a thickness of <30µm . The core technology has been granted 4 national patents and 2 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.

Solid-state lithium battery manufacturing technology

Invented a new "polymer-in-ceramics" type of inorganic-polymer composite solid flexible electrolyte membrane with elastic characteristics. The preparation of flexible solid-state batteries uses a bi-directional design interface and integrated stacking-rolling-heating process. Patent application for core technologies is up to 205 national patents, of which 126 patents have been granted.

High electromagnetic shielding TWS battery technology

Invented the process of encapsulating small polymer cells with a metal shell and a shielding film, which effectively shields electromagnetic interference, ensures the sound quality of the earphones, and improves the safety and reliability of the cells. There are 35 core technology patent applications, including 4 PCT patents and 11 authorized national patents.

High-purity lithium oxide preparation technology

Developed technologies such as vacuum melting dehydrogenation, distributed targeted oxygen supply and gradient controllable oxidation to achieve effective control of the reaction rate and temperature field in the reactor, and formed a complete set of processes and processes for preparing battery-grade lithium oxide powder using metallic lithium as raw materials. equipment. The core technology has been authorized with 2 national invention patents, and won the first prize of provincial scientific and technological progress.

N-butyllithium synthesis technology

Developed a unique dropwise synthesis technology of chlorobutane metal lithium particles, invented a special solid-liquid automatic separation equipment, and realized a fully closed cycle to prepare high-quality n-butyl lithium products.

High energy conversion efficiency and long life energy storage technology

Using large-capacity, high-safety, long-life square lithium iron phosphate batteries, combined with advanced packaging, group technology to build a user-side energy storage system, with "seamless switching with the grid, millisecond response, long-term overload operation, multiple containers Core advantages such as parallel operation on the DC side.

Talent advantages

National expert service base, 1043 scientific researchers: 4 national-level talents, including 1 from National Talent Project, 2 from CAS Pioneer Hundred Talent Program, 3 from National-level Innovative Talent Program; 8 provincial-level talents; 145 postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers; 11 senior titles and 28 vice-senior titles.

We have research platforms including National Enterprise Technology Center, the National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center, National Postdoctoral Research Station, Academician Station, Jiangxi Province Lithium Battery New Material Engineering Technology Research Center, Jiangxi Province Industrial Design Center.

Ganfeng has formulated the "strategic plan for talent development", established a long-term incentive mechanism for talents, and fully stimulated the innovation ability of talents. We has been rated as "Jiangxi Talent demonstration site", "Jiangxi lithium battery new material advantageous scientific and technological innovation team" and "Jiangxi graduate education innovation base".

National Postdoctoral Research Station
National Expert Service Base
Talent Demonstration Site in Jiangxi Province
Provincial Demonstration Base
R&D laboratory
Laboratory of Inorganic Lithium Compounds
Possess precise control of sodium and potassium, deep complexation to remove impurities and lithium precipitation, micro-electrolytic oxidation, concentration and thickening of sodium, deep complexation to remove impurities and lithium precipitation, forced circulation evaporation crystallization and other processes, presided over or participated in the formulation of a number of national (industry) standards .
Lithium battery materials research room
It has processes such as micro-electrolytic oxidation, concentration and thickening of sodium, multi-gas protection, and two-step lithium precipitation with phosphate. The core technology has been authorized by the national patent, and it has hosted or participated in the formulation of a number of national (industry) standards.
Power and Energy Storage Battery Research Laboratory
With technologies such as multi-gas protection, vertical extrusion, and multi-stage continuous rolling, it has applied for more than 100 national patents in the fields of lithium-based and solid-state batteries for high-specific energy lithium batteries, and participated in the formulation of national and industry standards.
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